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Return, Refund or Exchange liability

Before you make the decision to return this saree please take a moment to understand the process behind how each saree is made our sarees are sourced from skilled weavers who give individual attention to each saree the unique charm and appeal of a handloom saree lies in the minute irregularities or details that make it look handcrafted

Color bleeding : all our designs with Contrast pallus are hand dyed to crate a color distinction between the body and pallu as this is achieved through a handmade process there might be a slight overflow of the dye at the pallu and body joint

Color rendition : color renditions of our products may vary according to the ambient lighting conditions and the color calibration of different digital phone/LED devices

Overflow threads : overflowing threads are common in handmade products the small extra threads that might have been missed out while weaving the saree can simply br snapped by using a pair of scissors

Crease/wrinkles : all our products undergo a 3 step quality process which requires a complete unfolding of the saree causing a few zero creases or wrinkles to resolve this you can mildly iron the saree at a low temperature with no water or by completely opening and hanging the saree vertically for a few days

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